Frequently Asked



Why choose artificial grass?

Tired of the hassle that comes with maintaining a natural lawn? HaloTurf’s artificial grass offers the perfect solution. Say goodbye to mowing, watering bills, and constant maintenance headaches. Reclaim your weekends, reduce water usage, and enjoy a perpetually stunning lawn that rivals the beauty of natural grass. From residential to commercial projects, artificial grass enhances your landscape with ease. No more muddy paws or allergy triggers – artificial grass is the ultimate low-maintenance landscaping choice. For an easy to maintain landscaping solution that is perfect for the whole family, artificial grass is the best selection.

How much does artificial grass cost?

While the initial investment may raise an eyebrow, the long-term savings on maintenance costs far outweigh those of natural grass. Boost your property’s value while saving money and time. While natural grass can die and requires a high level of maintenance and care, artificial grass requires a significantly lower level of maintenance and looks great year-round, which for many is a priceless feature. Financing is also available!

Can artificial grass affect my property value?

Artificial grass has gained immense popularity, significantly elevating the value of properties featuring its installation. Its evergreen appeal and reduced maintenance costs make it a sought-after choice for homeowners and property managers. As an eco-friendly feature, artificial grass contributes to property value, akin to solar panels. Aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance, it’s a common choice for model homes.

Is artificial grass good for pets?

For pet owners, artificial grass is a game-changer. Easy to clean and mud-free, it creates an ideal outdoor space for furry friends. Widely used in humane societies, veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, dog shows, and more, it’s designed for both play and pet safety.

What about my kids playing on artificial grass?

Children and parents alike love artificial grass because it looks and feels just like real grass, without the dirt, grime, and mud. Ideal for children’s play areas, artificial grass offers a comfortable and allergen-free environment. It’s a versatile choice for parks and playgrounds, providing an inviting and safe surface for kids to enjoy.

What about durability and performance?

Artificial grass shines on professional sports fields worldwide due to its exceptional durability. Withstanding intense play, it consistently outperforms natural grass in strength. Our meticulously engineered grass products are built to withstand rigorous performance and activity.

How do I maintain artificial grass?

Maintaining artificial grass is a breeze. Regularly removing loose objects, pet waste and rinsing the surface keeps it manicured. A quick brush with a turf comb keeps blades upright. If needed, there are products and services available to further maintain your turf while still requiring minimal maintenance and not compromising its stunning look.

Does artificial grass get hot?

Like concrete patios, artificial grass can get hot in direct sunlight above 80 or 90 degrees. Spraying it with a light mist cools it instantly, ensuring comfort.

Will my homeowner's association (HOA) allow it?

Many HOAs have embraced artificial grass as a beautiful and eco-friendly landscaping solution. Always check your HOA’s guidelines, but artificial grass is increasingly accepted within communities.

How much water can be saved annually with artificial grass?

Installing artificial grass can save an average of 55 gallons of water per square foot annually. A traditional lawn tends to be over-watered, over fertilized and full of pesticides in hopes of keeping it green. With the new technologies being developed for artificial turf, the amount of water you save is breath-taking.

How well does artificial grass drain?

With highly perforated and permeable backing, artificial grass outperforms natural grass with drainage rates of over 30 inches per hour per square yard.

What about lead and PFAS?

While some turf products may contain lead and PFAS, all ours are specifically vetted and do not.  We focus on safe and environmentally friendly artificial turf, which is why all our turf is 100% USA made and contain NO LEAD nor PFAS.  This way you can feel safe and secure about your purchase without worrying about the health of your family or pets.

About HaloTurf

Our team is an industry leader in artificial grass installation. We install turf for both residential and commercial properties. Unlike most synthetic turf companies, we proudly stand by what we sell. We back up our reputation with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and only sell turf that is 100% USA made and lead and PFAS free!