Pool Turf

Are you looking for the best turf for your pool area?

Halo Turf is Your Solution. Have More Fun Without the Cleanup!

Looking for the perfect turf to elevate your pool area? Look no further than Halo Turf! Our top-of-the-line artificial turf offers a variety of benefits, including easy maintenance and a stunning, always-green appearance.

Benefits of HaloTurf for Your Pool Turf:

Beautify Your Backyard

Installing HaloTurf around your pool will not only upgrade your backyard’s aesthetics, but also save you money on water bills and maintenance costs. Plus, with our unique installation process, each project is tailored to fit your specific needs and style.

Increase Your Comfort

Say goodbye to hot concrete burns and hello to the comfort of our HaloTurf. Our synthetic grass stays warm to the touch, but not nearly as hot as traditional concrete or stone.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

HaloTurf reduces the need for pool cleanup by minimizing the amount of debris tracked in by foot traffic. This also means less skimming and vacuuming of the pool surface. Plus, your pool filters will last longer, saving you even more money in the long run.

HaloTurf Pool Solution

Reduces the Need for Cleanup

No Need to Water

Is Always Green

Is Always Beautiful

Our Turf is Always Green and Every Installation is Unique

Homeowners with a swimming pool want to be able to have fun without a lot of worry and yard maintenance. Having turf installed around your pool area will instantly give your backyard an upgrade. Artificial turf improves the appearance of any pool area and it’s long-lasting! Installing turf in around your pool is an obvious choice if you’re looking to save money on your water bill and eliminate maintenance costs! Stepping out of a swimming pool and onto the hot concrete can be torture on your feet. With the installation of Halo Turf by your pool, this will not happen. The turf might still be warm on hot summer days, but nothing in comparison to hot concrete or stone!

Our Turf System Compliments Any Project

Installing HaloTurf in the pool area means there is less cleanup in the pool itself. This reduces the number of times you have to skim the pool surface and vacuum the bottom of the pool. Pool filters will typically last longer as well. With synthetic grass, there is less likelihood of any dirt being tracked into the pool or the interior of the home. It also eliminates the need for constant sweeping or cleaning of the deck or patio area.

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About HaloTurf

Our team is an industry leader in artificial grass installation. We install turf for both residential and commercial properties. Unlike most synthetic turf companies, we proudly stand by what we sell. We back up our reputation with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and only sell turf that is 100% USA made and lead and PFAS free!